The importance of our location

We have the blessing to be based and live in the most important area of ​​Crete, since here, in the antiquity, was the plain of the Minoan civilization. In this very same region our olive groves and our facilities are located.

Evidences from excavations confirm the presence of the olive tree in our region during the 3rd millennium BC, pointing at the Minoans as the first civilization in Europe that cultivates this tree. As then so now olive oil plays an important role in the economy of our region due to its consumption by local people and its export, since it is the basis of the Cretan diet and thus the basis of the globally and scientifically accepted as best, Mediterranean diet.

The quality characteristics of the olive oil produced in our region are due to the mild climate and prolonged sunshine periods especially during the summer and autumn, seasons during which the oil is formed in the fruit of the olive tree, since here the Koroneiki variety grows perfectly, and also due to the particular soil conditions that favour all of the above and make it stand out from the rest of the Greek olive oils.