Our quality

The method by which we achieve our quality levels is based on a system that we have developed and followed on the basis of the directives and standards imposed by modern olive oil milling and bottling, according to the requirements of our certifications and our experience and by applying internal criteria and methods. We control rigorously all stages of the production process from the olive grove and the field procedures, until the olive mill, the extraction at the olive mill, the storage, bottling and export of our product.

This way, we preserve the nutritiousness, naturalness and safety of our olive oil and that is why we feel proud.

The system we follow is based on some precious principles. Some of these are:

Laboratory analyses: The results of the measurements we carry out on the extra virgin olive oil we produce are well below those set by international standards. Our olive oils have low acidity, low peroxide values ​​and low K 27 and K 232 values.

Organoleptic evaluation: By this method our experienced expert olive oil taster, evaluates the taste and smell and ensures that the product possesses all the flavour and taste characteristics (bitter-piquant) it has to have in order to fit in this category of olive oil and also that it does not have any defects.

In addition, we carry out analyses for pesticides, heavy metals, plasticizers and other proven carcinogens, so that we can be sure that the product we offer is perfectly healthy and safe.

We take care not to affect the nutrients of our olive oil and to preserve high levels of elements such as vitamin E, phenols and other antioxidant substances which are quite beneficial to health and longevity.