Bottling Unit

After the extra virgin olive oil is produced, using exemplary methods and the means we have at our disposal, it is temporarily stored in stainless steel tanks of our bottling unit, until the actual bottling of our product takes place. The plant’s spaces are fully controlled with constant temperatures throughout the year and without sunlight entering it so that the quality and organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil are not affected.

Furthermore, it is very important to ensure that our olive oil does not come into contact with oxygen during storage and bottling in the bottling unit. This way, our olive oil cannot be oxidized (rancidity) that is, to be considered to have rancid taste in its organoleptic evaluation, which is a negative feature that results in the downgrading of the product. This is caused by the alterations in the structure of polyunsaturated fats.

Also, the olive oil is sorted and distributed in the tanks according to its quality characteristics (acidity, peroxides, absorption in the ultraviolet K 270, K 232, and DK) and its organoleptic characteristics (fruity, bitter, piquant).

Finally, we fully comply with all the rigorous standards of the EU directives and international certifications concerning management systems for food safety.

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